Outdoor Drop Blinds

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Outdoor Drop Blind

Sunworker, Canvas & Ripblock

We supply and install blinds for outdoors as well, which is great for the rainy winter season. Our Top Roller Drop Blind is the most popular outdoor blind, it is durable and can withstand quite strong winds. The Roped Drop Blind is used for a semi outdoor spaces where the wind is not as strong. Both can be supplied in para-acrylic canvas or PVC ripblock fabric.


A wonderful product for patio's since the material is perforated and allow enough light in to retain the view of your garden but blocks out the wind and direct sunlight. Ideal to close off your patio into a new semi-outside living area during the winter or during windy days.

Canvas Material

The outdoor drop blinds also come in canvas material. You can either have it with or without a window. This type of material is also ideal to close a portion of patio.